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Information Global Services (IGS)

Information Global Services(IGS) is a knowledge company currently providing information technology solutions to help organizations achieve their goals with services ranging from management consulting, application development, SAP support and specialized engineering support.

We provide information technology services in the following areas:
• Enterprise Solutions Application development Engineering Services
• We provide the enterprise solution services for the ERP software provided by SAP,
• We have skilled resources in SAP R/3 & SAP S4HANA engaged in support and development activities.

Mission We shall provide value to the society by continuously examining and harnessing the opportunities in information and knowledge areas. This consists of existing and emerging components of knowledge solutions, data processing, enterprise solutions or engineering services along the entire knowledge spectrum.

Vision Information Global Services(IGS) vision is to Support the organizations with a run-time maintenance to solution monitoring, technical support, management of specific operations and all at a price that helps the organizations healthy.

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Meet our talented and dedicated team of professionals.


Pawan Singh

Co-Founder & Director


Vikash Bhargaw

IT Consultant & Developer


Renuka Sinha





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